Welcome to Perth Equine & Art Therapy

Social & Emotional Learning Program for Children & Adolescents

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, combined with Art Psychotherapy, is an effective, non-threatening, active and fun experience that encourages children and adolescents to:


  • Express feelings that may be difficult to verbalise

  • Increase self-awareness and communication skills

  • Explore imagination and creativity

  • Develop healthy coping skills

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

  • Identify and clarify issues and concerns

  • Share in a safe nurturing environment

  • Improve motor skills and physical co-ordination 


Both Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Art Psychotherapy are experiential forms of therapy that can help develop new neural pathways to facilitate behavioural and cognitive change...

Each session has a theme and builds skills around self-awareness, boundaries, feelings, relationships and facing challenges. The session combines a 40 minute equine experience followed by 40 minutes of Art Therapy...

The Perth Equine & Art Therapy Team is made up of two clinicians and two experienced horse persons and a beautiful herd of 5 horses...