The Facilitators



Leisa is a credentialed mental health nurse and has worked in the mental health profession for 31 years in the private and government sector with adults, adolescents and children. For the past 10 years, Leisa has been employed as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in a government outreach team for children with complex presentations. Intervention included child assessments, liaising with the child's school and psycho-education to help parents better understand their child's psychological, social and emotional needs. Leisa has successfully worked with children with anxiety, anger issues, complex trauma, learning difficulties, Aspergers Syndrome and high functioning Autism. Leisa practices The Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) Model.


Leisa Watson

Claire Guild

Claire is an experienced Art Psychotherapist registered with ANZATA, the regulating body for art therapy in Australia. She also holds a Masters of Mental Health awarded by the University of Queensland. She has successfully run group and individual therapy programs that creatively engage primary aged children, adolescents and adults. Claire is also a Clinical Nurse Specialist with over 10 years experience working with complex child and youth mental health presentations. She works from a trauma, attachment, systemic and psychodynamic framework, and is committed to relationship-based work.

Sophie Watson

Sophie is a highly skilled horsewoman with over 15 years experience owning and riding horses. While many of those years were dedicated to competing in the fields of show jumping and eventing, Sophie now focuses on groundwork skills and training her horses at liberty. She has a herd of 5 horses, all varying in size, age and personality, who live with her on a lovely property in Darling Downs.